• We all have a Heart Field
  • We all have a Heart Field
  • We all have a Heart Field
  • We all have a Heart Field
"...The next day I felt so much stronger on every level and this has been expanding daily...", J. Hay-On-Wye

 "...The outcome of her gentle intervention can only be described as miraculous!...", Phil, 52, Clyro



We all have an energetic field emanating from our physical heart which is now scientifically proven to exist and it is possible to work with this field and develop it just like you would with any muscle in a gym. What are the effects of developing your Heart field? A short answer is that balance is brought about in your life and your intuition can play a greater role in choices you may need to make and a feeling of being much more comfortable in your own skin is not uncommon.  This brings a freedom of being and creates space that allows potential in all areas of life to be explored.  Self-reflection becomes easier and the ability to be more sensitive to others and observe your daily interactions can increase.

How can you work with your Heart Field?  By having a healing session or a series of healing sessions and/or choosing to work with some very simple exercises available in a workshop or in a one-to-one setting. Heart Healing meditations can be a gentle introduction to this resource.  



You lie on a therapy table and I work with your energy usually starting at the feet and then moving up to the head.  You will feel my hands on your feet and then on your shoulders and finally your head. After that I work intuitively and work with individual chakras, the points at which your energy system links with your physical body.  I may receive insights that I will share with you but on the whole I leave the major work up to the Heart Field.  Once your energy system is 'warmed up'  beneficial energetic shifts can occur.  Often reported as major life changing events which persist after the session you can experience a sense of freedom and space and of being that little more comfortable in your own skin.  It is important to realise that these sessions are about helping you in your life NOW, in whatever way that may be best for you.  Changes are also reported in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and are often very practical in what they bring.  Each session is unique reflecting how dynamic and fluid our energetic systems are, and that, actually being open to movement within that can help bring about deeper healing.   


A typical session lasts for an hour to an hour and a half and you lie comfortably on a therapy table. Questions are always welcome and any issue can be discussed in confidence.  


People often report feeling different in a positive way and experience permanent change (not just temporary) in perspective, attitude and physical well-being.  People very often feel more freedom and a sense of space in their lives. See my Testimonials page for real-life experiences.