About Me

Julie Goodridge was born in Barnet, North London in 1965.  As an adult she worked in several sales positions for many years but did not feel fulfilled and decided that she would at the age of 29 apply to university to study science, a dream for many years.  After obtaining a BSc. followed by an MSc. from Oxford University she worked briefly at Imperial College as a Research Assistant but still searching for ‘something’ led Julie to commence her personal growth path which started in 2001 with a short course in Reiki.  Her affinity for energy work was obvious and she trained to be a Reiki teacher and taught it from her then home in Hertfordshire. 

Julie spent six months touring the USA in 2002 and whilst there attended six weeks of workshops in Vortex Healing.  On reflection this trip was more of a ‘spiritual’ search and a further period of massive personal growth and realisation. 

On returning to the UK she discovered Heart Healing and a couple called Joe and Jill O’Carroll (www.hearthealing.ca) who introduced her to this incredible resource and she has been to at least a dozen of their workshops.  For her the Heart Field encompasses everything she has done before energetically and she has continued to work with this for the last ten years.

She runs her healing practice from her home on the Welsh / English borders, where she lives with her husband, Steve and two step-daughters, Isabelle and Phoebe.  

She is also partners with her husband in the successful horse rehabilitation centre Samsara Equitation (www.samsara-equitation.co.uk) and works as an Intuitive Life Coach.  She firmly believes that we all have what we need and KNOW what is best for us - it is just that sometimes is a little difficult getting to it on your own.    

Outside her healing Julie is passionate about animals and has a few pets including including a Large White pig called MilliePig, a ginger and black Kune Kune pig, called GingerPig and Boots, an Irish Cob. She is also a huge fan of Spike Milligan's work and Boots inspired the following very silly poem.

Bumbly Boo Bumbly Boo Bumbly Boo
Bimble Bimble Bimble 
Bootles Bootles Bootles 
You are MUCH bigger and more beautiful than a Thimble!!!


The pig of happiness