Have you ever considered the incredible transformation a caterpillar goes through to become a stunning butterfly?  The transformation is quite astonishing. Or is it just that we perceive it as astonishing and in actual fact it is one of life’s processes that just happens, just IS, one of life’s miracles.
How would it be that there are many life processes going on all of the time and we just don’t see them occurring.  If we use the metamorphosis of a caterpillar as an analogy for your life  on a scale of zero to ten if you could change your life, what is your level of belief?  Zero being that you have no power to change anything and ten that you know without any question, ANY question, that you could change everything if you really wanted to.  What number came to you?  What’s the gap if there is one?
Imagine for a moment, the freedom a butterfly feels as it unfurls it’s newly formed wings and lets them dry in the sunlight before taking its first flight.  Of course the butterfly is just Being.  It doesn’t remember its experience as a caterpillar, but, just for a moment, imagine what the energy of a change within yourself of that enormity might feel like. 
• Are you shy? Anxious?
• Do you continually attract relationships that do not meet your needs, romantic or otherwise?
• Do you have weight issues?
• Couples – are you meeting the full potential of your relationship?
• Step-parents – do you feel as if things are never going to integrate?
• Do you really know what you want from life?  A lot of people don’t.
What is it that stops people from daring to dream? What is it that stops you? Sometimes deeply held beliefs are SO deeply held that the mere thought of something being a belief appears absurd.  Or, is it that as humans we like to be right? ‘Life is doing this to me and it MUST  be true.  I’VE experienced it.  I’VE lived it and been through the pain!
The truth is we are not always right however much we like it when we are, and being open to believing that can help bring about subtle, but significant change allowing a freedom of being not previously experienced.  Baggage and 'stuff' take up precious space and it is possible to reach a space where our perception and or acceptance of where we are at, can help, often seemingly impossible situations and allow us to move on - IF there is an openness to that possibility.
How would it be that on some level you have chosen to run beliefs and patterns to create your experience? Would you be looking at this website today if you hadn’t had all the experiences you’ve had? It’s an interesting question isn’t it? Do you pick up the phone and enquire or do you just wait until the Universe gives you another gentle nudge to look at your life?