Julie Goodridge Healing Testimonials

"I first met Julie by chance at the home of a mutual friend. At the time ,my back was causing me severe pain and she kindly offered to try to help me. She rested her fingers on my shoulders for a few minutes and the result was astounding. The acute pain I was experiencing completely vanished and I felt pain free and amazed!

"Following this experience I made an appointment to see her, not really knowing at the time what she does! Everything was explained fully and we commenced our session in the relaxed, friendly environment of her home. At the time my life was very stressful an I was turning into an emotional wreck due to challenging  personal circumstances. The outcome of her gentle intervention can only be described as miraculous! As if all the bad stuff, angst, unexpressed grief, and frustration with myself for not coping with my life, had been taken away! I felt totally recharged, able to cope with whatever life throws at me and able again to  take time to enjoy the things in life that really matter. 6 weeks on and I am still in that happy place! 

"I would heartily recommend seeing Julie to anyone who needs help to cope with all the stresses and burdens that life throws at us. I certainly will not hesitate to see her again should the need ever arise!"  Phil, Clyro, 52